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MilkBoy: Chapter 1

Milkboy Divine love and infernal passions play in the pastures of rural Britain. A boy dejected by his peers, a girl reaching for the cold comfort of stardom, a hag, a maid, a mother, a man imbued with the ancient spirit of nature; all players in a satyr comedy that would see an inescapable eternal cycle to our existence. "A pastiche of Mann and Machen, which owes it's foundation to the ancient Greek classics of Ovid and Aristotle, Milkboy plays with notions of love, desire, homoeroticism, narcissism, and questions the nature of manliness in the 21st century."


Death is a Kindness.

Who wants to live forever? Imagine, if you will, a life without end. The life you have now but continuing determinantly without end. All the ills and pains still dealt upon your body, the frailties of old age wrack your limbs and put a stumble in your step, until far into your one or two… Continue reading Death is a Kindness.


Satyrs and Striptease.

"In us there is the Light of Nature, and that Light is God" - Paracelsus.   I have spoken in a previous blog Man's Infernal Talent; The Divine Shell about Marsyas and the Divine competition with Apollo. There is one element of that story I touched upon but in no great depth, the flaying and… Continue reading Satyrs and Striptease.

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Man’s Infernal Talent; The Divine Shell.

"Between my art and the world there is now a wide gulf, but between art and myself there is none." - Oscar Wilde. Talent shows dominate television. I find it clumsy and vulgar, the "...' Got Talent", "The Voice", " Strictly Come Masterful Cheffing In a Jungle Factor". It spells out that people would rather… Continue reading Man’s Infernal Talent; The Divine Shell.

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Searching for something to read? Stop, write it!

Every morning I wake up (so far), have my tea, my coffee, my water, a long toilet break after tea, coffee and water, I sit in my chair before I have to start getting prepared for the day, switch on my phone and wait a few seconds for all the emails, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and… Continue reading Searching for something to read? Stop, write it!


I’m just not thinking straight…

...but I'm almost always thinking bi. To all those who have come out, I have a question. Were you confused as a child? When playing with your hetero toys given to you by your parents, making Action Man into an interior designer or Barbie into Action Man; was this confusing? I don't remember struggling at… Continue reading I’m just not thinking straight…


This is a True Story. It is all true; even the lies. (Cont.)

I sit here now writing this at the wake of a funeral. I do not cope too well at these events. Not funerals you understand! The after event. Funerals are easy enough, there is a good dress code, little audiance participation, some form of reading in which to take 40 winks and everyone keeps much… Continue reading This is a True Story. It is all true; even the lies. (Cont.)

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This is a True Story. It is all true; even the lies.

I died once. In the fading light of a summer's end nine years ago; I died. I want to tell you about it. It is hard for me, for it is very personal. But I died once, and you should know that when you die there is, nothing. For an eternity in a moment there… Continue reading This is a True Story. It is all true; even the lies.

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Lord, what fools these mortals be!

"The Best thing for mankind is not to be born; however, the next best thing, after being born, to die as quickly as possible." - (Aristotle) Read the words of Silenus. The satyr type deity of Greek antiquity, in two stories found in a woods by the renowned fool king Midas. In both stories the king… Continue reading Lord, what fools these mortals be!

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Writing my Way Out

"A writer is someone for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people."  - (Thomas Mann.) I have used this quote before. It is something I strongly believe in and is perhaps my favourite quote. I learnt today that it was by Thomas Mann. I also learnt today that the novel I… Continue reading Writing my Way Out