Writer's Process

Searching for something to read? Stop, write it!

Every morning I wake up (so far), have my tea, my coffee, my water, a long toilet break after tea, coffee and water, I sit in my chair before I have to start getting prepared for the day, switch on my phone and wait a few seconds for all the emails, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter notifications to die down and I either play a logic game to get the brain working or scroll through the blogs on WordPress to find something to read that speaks to me.

Personally, although I love blogging on this platform I do not think it is designed well to find new material of interest to me. I click on many peoples blogs with catchy titles or good images. I try to think of what I actually want to read, then run a search to see what comes up.

Ideally one of the WordPress clever clogs will ultimately make blogs connected to my interests appear for me every day without my looking for them, in the same way Pinterest offers Pins I may be interested in.

Yet, rarely do I find anything to read that makes a connection.

I used to have the same problem with books.

But there is a solution.

When I hear about a book I may like i give it a go. I buy it, read a few chapters and either absorb it in a day or throw it on the, ‘I might read you in the distant future or give you to a friend’ pile. When I find something I like, such as any book written by Neil Gaiman, I become voracious.

For those books that don’t interest me I stop and think, ‘ why am I not interested?’, ‘what is missing from this book, that I am looking for?’, ‘what were my expectations starting this book that haven’t been met?’.

Then the process is simple. Write down; brainstorm what you have enjoyed or what you expected to enjoy in the book. Write down what was missing and how it could have been better. Then, write that book.

More often than not the story you are searching for, is already in you. You’ll not find it outside of you, so write it.

It only occured to me this morning that I have the same problem every morning looking over other peoples blogs. But the method is transferable. Tomorrow I shall wake up and after copious fluids shall think what I want to read, and write it.

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