Death is a Kindness.

Who wants to live forever?

Imagine, if you will, a life without end. The life you have now but continuing determinantly without end. All the ills and pains still dealt upon your body, the frailties of old age wrack your limbs and put a stumble in your step, until far into your one or two hundreds you live but a body of aching glass, near to shattering, prone to bruising and the most part immobile, lying recumbent being fed by a tube and crapping in a nappy. Yet, you live because no foreign agent has sought your demise.

In this world, death comes by your hand or the hand of another. Both illegal and forbidden by society. Yet, if one or the other isn’t acted upon then many would live in great pain forever and other issues such as overpopulation would be present.

On contemplating this it appears benevolent to me that there is a natural end to our lives. That death comes to all is fearful for most, yet in a world of no death I would have to have the strength to kill myself, something I would put off until perhaps too late.

Better that my time comes in it’s course, than leave it to my devices.

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