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L’Ogre de la Ruine

Perpetual winter has seen the land barren, an unceasing rain that has turned the fields to marsh, diseased the animals and from the rotting body of earth a sickness is spreading to a people already starved by famine and bled by war. The mad king is dead and a bastard now sits on the throne, but it is an uneasy seat, for invaders have taken the south and are swiftly marching north.

It is the end times and two priests are confronted by the theft of children, murder and rape and their faith alone keeps them alive. A faith strongly tested by an evil embodied in man, the supernatural alive in flesh, the beast come to claim his own.

“Thorn’s seminal work reads like fantasy but is firmly rooted in 13th century Europe, it is an eye opening vision of the apocalypse seen by those who were living through it, paired with folklore and superstition. A prophetic analogy of our times.”

All Mirth and No Matter

The opulence of Carnival has ended and a troupe of actors, riding on the success of the season, head over the mountains of Italia to perform at the joint birthday and wedding celebrations of the proud Baron of Wurmstein. When they arrive they dazzle and entertain the populace with a series of masque plays, acrobatic feats and magic. But there is a more sinister agenda for these men of many faces. Death subtly follows them wherever they go and the seat of the Baron is an uneasy one.

Amongst the intrigue of the court, and the diversion of the actors something else is striving to break free. A supernatural menace, barely contained in a black windowless wagon. A force of fate, chaos and pure will is trying to exert itself onto the stage and into the lives of the populace. All it would take for it to unleash itself is for one little thing to go wrong, and luck is about to turn against them.

“Combining elements of Shakespeare and Faust, magic and folklore in the mysterious panorama of the Alps in the middle ages comes a fantasy which will challenge your conceptions of reality, and dismiss any previously held beliefs on proper narrative in this mind bending, convoluted medieval tour de force.”

The Life and Works of Florian Thorne Vol. 1

Many are aware of the name of Florian Thorne, a scholar, a writer, a profound wizard and dedicated politician, most have heard the rumours of his association with dark magic and anti muggle movements and worse still his connection to some of the most heinous crimes of the previous century.

For the first time in history, after the ground breaking retrieval of his journal and personal correspondence, is the published account of his life in his own words, coupled with extracts of his known works, the true and revealing story of Florian Thorne.

A FanFiction work set in J. K. Rowling’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

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Divine love and infernal passions play in the pastures of rural Britain. A boy dejected by his peers, a girl reaching for the cold comfort of stardom, a hag, a maid, a mother, a man imbued with the ancient spirit of nature; all players in a satyr comedy that would see an inescapable eternal cycle to our existence.

“A pastiche of Mann and Machen, which owes it’s foundation to the ancient Greek classics of Ovid and Aristotle, Milkboy plays with notions of love, desire, homoeroticism, narcissism, and questions the nature of manliness in the 21st century.”