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MilkBoy: Chapter 1

Milkboy Divine love and infernal passions play in the pastures of rural Britain. A boy dejected by his peers, a girl reaching for the cold comfort of stardom, a hag, a maid, a mother, a man imbued with the ancient spirit of nature; all players in a satyr comedy that would see an inescapable eternal cycle to our existence. "A pastiche of Mann and Machen, which owes it's foundation to the ancient Greek classics of Ovid and Aristotle, Milkboy plays with notions of love, desire, homoeroticism, narcissism, and questions the nature of manliness in the 21st century."

Writer's Process

Searching for something to read? Stop, write it!

Every morning I wake up (so far), have my tea, my coffee, my water, a long toilet break after tea, coffee and water, I sit in my chair before I have to start getting prepared for the day, switch on my phone and wait a few seconds for all the emails, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and… Continue reading Searching for something to read? Stop, write it!